Fullstack Serverless Applications on AWS

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I’m Fernando Medina Corey - a data engineer and technical course author. I love prototyping applications with new datasets and explaining new technical concepts and tools to developers, data engineers and software architects. I also try to stay involved in my local tech scene and frequently speak and teach at meetups and events.

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Serverless Essentials

Quiz: Serverless Essentials

Exercise: Designing Fullstack Serverless Applications


DynamoDB Concepts

Quiz: DynamoDB Concepts

Exercise: DynamoDB Provisioned Throughput


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AWS Lambda Concepts

Quiz: AWS Lambda Concepts Quiz

Exercise: AWS Lambda Handlers


API Gateway Concepts

Quiz: API Gateway Concepts Quiz

S3 Static Site Concepts

Quiz: Static Sites Quiz

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In this course, you will build what is possibly your first fullstack serverless application using AWS. We'll look at everything required to develop and deploy a web application using purely serverless technologies.

If you're not sure what 'serverless' is, don't worry! We'll also briefly explain the benefits (and the drawbacks) you get when working with technologies that offload server maintenance and configuration to a provider like AWS. You'll work with AWS services that include Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway, and S3 to create a fully-functional serverless application.

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