Deploy to AWS with Ansible and Terraform

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Derek Morgan
Derek Morgan has spent over 10 years in varying IT roles from owning his own consulting business to supporting enterprise clients for a multi-national hosting company. His expertise includes Linux, Networking, and AWS. When he’s not at the computer tinkering with new technology, he can often times be found training for a marathon, riding a bike, or hanging from the face of a climbing wall.


Learn how to deploy a multi-tier WordPress application on AWS using both Terraform and Ansible. This course begins by explaining the environment we're going to end up with and then breaking it down step-by-step. Terraform is a powerful tool used to deploy infrastructure, which this course demonstrates by launching resources like an Amazon VPC, EC2 instances inside of an Auto Scaling group and behind an Elastic Load Balancer, and other types of resources. Then, Ansible is used to configure the instances to run our WordPress application. At the end of the course, you will have a functional WordPress deployment.

Study Guides

Regarding Terraform 0.8

If you are using Terraform 0.8 or above, make sure you check out the video update:


All of the scripts used for the course. Please note, these will only work for Terraform 0.7.x. If you have 0.8, please watch the upgrade video in the course.

Hands-on Lab Scripts

These scripts are used for the Hands-on Lab. Please do not attempt to use the normal course scripts for the lab as it is different and those scripts will fail.

Resources UPDATE!

This is an update to squash a couple of possible bugs. This update corrects an issue that could possibly lead to the auto scaling group not being assigned the correct Availability Zones.

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