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Andru Estes
Andru Estes is a self-proclaimed technology junkie. His background includes just under a decade of enterprise IT experience with a primary focus on cloud and virtualization architectures. If a major tech company has released something new, Andru is most likely in there either reading the documentation or playing with it! He also loves going to the gym, walking his Australian Shepherd, and golfing with his wife! Currently, Andru holds several professional certifications including: AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate AWS Certified Developer - Associate VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization (VCP6-DCV) Be sure to reach out and connect with him on his social media platforms! LinkedIn: Twitter: @andruestes

Course Introduction

Getting Started

AWS Lambda Introduction

AWS Lambda Basics

Lambda Core Essentials

Getting Started with Lambda

Lambda and CloudWatch

Lambda and AWS CLI

Code Deployments within Lambda

Core Essentials Section Conclusion and Summary

Real World Lambda Use Cases

Section Introduction

Real World Use Case - Using Lambda to Perform Security Tasks

Real World Use Case - Canary Code Deployments

Real World Use Case - Automate ECS Container Deployments

Section Conclusion

Course Conclusion

Final Steps


Serverless architecture is rapidly growing and gaining a strong foothold in today's businesses. AWS Lambda provides the ability for developers and teams to focus strictly on their code, not having to worry about the infrastructure that hosts it.

This Amazon Web Services Lambda Deep Dive will take you in for a low-level look at the service and it's core concepts so you can utilize it to meet your needs! We have set up several lessons, hands-on live activities, and real-world scenarios for you to use to learn as much as possible.

Now, let's get serverless!

Study Guides

LINK: The Lambda Cipher

AWS Lambda White Papers (Dev Guide)

Here is a link to the AWS Lambda White Papers (aka Developer Guide): You can also download the PDF version using the download link to the right!

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