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Craig Arcuri
Craig Arcuri is passionate about Cloud Computing and particularly Amazon Web Services. Craig's background includes Systems and Network Engineering, Software Engineering, Technical Leadership and Project Management. Craig currently holds four Amazon Web Services certification (Solutions Architect, SysAdmin, and Developer at the Associate level as well as the Solutions Architect Professional certification).


Introduction to CloudFormation

Exercise: Working With JSON


Exercise: Working With YAML


Templates In-Depth

Quiz: CloudFormation Template Quiz

Exercise: Templates In Depth Challenge Exercise - JSON


Exercise: Templates In-Depth Challenge Exercise - YAML


Stacks In-Depth

Updating Stacks

CloudFormation from the CLI

Quiz: CloudFormation CLI Quiz

Quiz: CloudFormation Stacks Quiz

Templates - Advanced Concepts

CloudFormation Custom Resources

Stack Sets

CloudFormation with Deployment Technologies

CloudFormation Best Practices and Troubleshooting

Quiz: CloudFormation Core Concepts Quiz

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This course will give the student in-depth experience with CloudFormation. The course will start off covering basic CloudFormation concepts and continue to build on this initial foundation. The sutdent will learn about the structure of templates and how to build and update them using both json and yaml. The student will also learn how to create stack from templates using various techniques and also to update stacks using various techniques including change sets. The course will cover working with templates using CloudFormation Designer as well as creating templates in commonly used editors. Near the conclusion of the course, the student will gain experience using CloudFormation with other technologies such as Docker, Jenkins, and Lambda and will work through some practical examples such as Continuous Integration and Disaster Recovery scenarios.

Before beginning any of the hands-on labs for this course, make sure to download the templates provided under the Downloads tab.

Study Guides

Lab 1 VPC Template

This is the template used to create a vpc in Lab 1.

Lab1 S3 Template

This is the CloudFormation for creating an S3 Bucket with a retention policy of retain.

Lab 1 DynamoDB Template

This is the template used in Lab 1 to create a DynamoDB table.

Lab 2 - CF Designer Template

This is the final template for the CF Designer Lab.

Lab 4 Updating Stacks Template

This is the template for the single instance LAMP Stack for Lab 4.

Lab 4 High Availability Template

This is the template for the Change Set portion of Lab 4. This Change Set converts the single instance LAMP stack to a highly available stack with an ELB and Auto Scaling group.

Course PDFs Part 1

The PDFs for the lessons in the course Part 1.

Course PDFs Part 2

The course PDFs for the lessons in the course Part 2

Exercise Working with YAML Template 1

This is a YAML template for the exercise "Working with YAML". This template creates an S3 bucket with a retention policy set to retain.

Exercise Working with YAML Template 2

This template for the exercise 'Working with YAML" creates an S3 Bucket with the intention of using it as a static website.


Course PDFs Part 3

This PDF files contains additionals slides from the CloudFormation Deep Dive Course.

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