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Course Introduction

Getting Started

About the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam

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Course Features and Tools

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Demystifying the Cloud

What Are Clouds Made Of?

Getting Started with AWS

Let's Get Started: What You Need to Know

The Big Picture

Seeing the Big Picture

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

IAM: Managing Users, Groups, and Roles

AWS Networking

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

AWS Compute

Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2)

AWS Storage

AWS Storage Services

Elasticity and Scaling EC2

ELB and Auto Scaling

Content Delivery and Domain Name System (DNS)

CloudFront and DNS

Route 53 and DNS

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Monitoring, Logging, and Notifications

Monitoring and Logging

Notification Services

Database Services


Serverless Compute


Security and Compliance

Security and Compliance Services

Other AWS Services

Other Noteworthy AWS Services

AWS Billing and Support Services

AWS Pricing, Billing, and Support Services

Course Conclusion

Next Steps

Let's Wrap It All Up!

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How to Prepare for the Exam

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What's Next After Certification?

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AWS Certified Cloud Practioner Exam


Welcome to the AWS Cloud Practitioner course.

Are you a business professional, accountant, salesperson, or some other type of non-technical person that works in the tech industry? Have you always wanted to know what cloud computing is, how it works, and what it's used for — without all the technical jargon? If you answered YES, then the AWS Cloud Practitioner course and exam are perfect for you.  

As the cloud computing industry continues to grow, understanding its concepts, purpose, and use cases will become an increasingly valuable skill among non-IT individuals and employees. With that in mind, AWS created an exam that covers the very basics of their cloud computing platform and tests you on basic AWS services, benefits, concepts, and use cases — all without having to know detailed technical terms, concepts, and know-how.  

For those who want to learn these basics, this course has been designed with two main objectives in mind: (1) Prepare you to pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam, and (2) learn the foundations of cloud computing and AWS, including its primary services, benefits, and use cases. 

This course is NOT designed to teach you how to build and run applications on AWS. This course is all about conceptual understanding, but you will have the opportunity to get some hands-on practice to help reinforce what you will learn. If you are looking for an introduction to AWS course from a hands-on/cloud engineering perspective, please see our AWS Essentials course. 

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