AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional Level

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Anthony James
Anthony is the founder/CEO of Linux Academy, and instructs courses on AWS, DevOps, and Linux. When not creating and maintaining a variety of courses, he is leading the Linux Academy content & code team.


Course Overview

Core Knowledge

AWS And General IT Knowledge

Enterprise Account Management

Exercise: Playing With Web Identity Federation


Required Services

Amazon CloudTrail

AWS Key Management Service

Amazon Kinesis

Amazon EC2 And Design Patterns

Exercise: Protecting Production Resources


Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

AWS Direct Connect

Amazon ElastiCache

Amazon Redshift

Amazon CloudFront

Amazon Elastic Transcoder

AWS Data Pipeline

Amazon RDS

Amazon CloudSearch

Amazon EMR

Deployment Concepts On AWS Services

Amazon SQS


Course Conclusion

Quiz: Are You Ready To Take The Exam?

Quiz: Practice Exam


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most exciting and in-demand certifications in the current cloud computing market. Being qualified to take the AWS CSA Pro exam requires much more than exam dumps and a few how-to tutorials, it takes training, time and dedication. This in-depth course will provide you with all the required knowledge needed in order to be prepared to take the AWS CSA Pro course. Join thousands of others at the Linux Academy as they prepare to take the AWS CSA Pro exam!

Attention: As of October 11, 2018, AWS no longer requires you to hold an Associate or Foundational certification to sit for any Professional or Specialty certification exam. However, to ensure your success, we highly recommend you follow Linux Academy's suggested pre-requisites (for both our coursework and AWS exams). These prerequisite suggestions can be found in the "details'' section of the course syllabus.

Study Guides

AWS CSA Pro Study Guide

This guide will list the required and suggested white papers. It will also discuss how to study for the exam and best practices for taking the exam.

AWS CSA PRO Study Slides

AWS Pro Slides - 3 per page with note space

CloudFormation Templates

These are the templates referenced in the CloudFormation lessons.

Instructor Deck


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