AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate Level

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Wayde Gilchrist
Wayde is a veteran of the cloud industry, from both a practical and teaching perspective. Holding six (6) AWS certifications, Wayde has been teaching courses on AWS for over four years. His combination of AWS expertise and instructional design make him an excellent Linux Academy Training Architect.

Course Introduction

Getting Started

AWS Structure and Organization

AWS Account and Physical Organization

Access Management

Interacting with AWS

IAM (Identity and Access Management)

Server-Based Compute Services

EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)

Elastic File System (EFS)

EC2 Quiz

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Introduction to AWS VPC Networking

High Availability

Highly Available and Fault Tolerant VPC Networking

DNS, CDN, and Failover Networking

Database Services

Database Concepts

RDS (Relational Database Service)





Databases Quiz

Storage Services

S3 (Simple Storage Service)

Hybrid Environments

Hybrid Environments & VPC Peering

Application and Messaging Services

SNS (Simple Notification Service)

SQS (Simple Queue Service)

Amazon MQ

SWF (Simple Work Flow)

API Gateway

Application Services Quiz

Serverless Architectures

Service Oriented Architectures



CloudWatch & CloudTrail

Network Flow Logs

Monitoring Quiz

Deployment Services


Container Services

Elastic Beanstalk



Elastic MapReduce

AWS Well Architected Framework

Operational Excellence Pillar

Reliability Pillar

Security Pillar

Performance Efficiency Pillar

Cost Optimization Pillar


Final Steps

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Welcome to Linux Academy's all new AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate prep course. This course prepares you to take the AWS Solutions Artchitect Certification exam released February 2018.  This course has been developed to provide you with the requisite knowledge to not only pass the AWS CSA certification exam but also gain the hands-on experience required to become a qualified AWS Solutions architect working in a real-world environment.

As part of this course, you will make use of our unique interactive learning tool - The Orion Papers. The Orion Papers is a non-linear, visual, interactive guide designed to enhance your learning and understanding of AWS. This guide can be used independently of the video lessons, but is meant to be supplemental and used in conjunction with the video lessons and hands-on labs. 

Access the Orion Papers:


Join the Linux Academy community slack for chat here: and join the #aws channel.

Study Guides

Link: The Orion Papers

Use this link to access The Orion Papers:

CSA 2018 Exam Blueprint

The official exam blueprint from aWS

AWS Best Practices

Architecting for the Cloud Best Practices:

AWS Well Architected Framework

Whitepaper describing the five pillars of the Well Architected Framework:

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