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Fernando Medina Corey
I’m Fernando Medina Corey - a data engineer and technical course author. I love prototyping applications with new datasets and explaining new technical concepts and tools to developers, data engineers and software architects. I also try to stay involved in my local tech scene and frequently speak and teach at meetups and events.

Course Introduction

Getting Started

Domain 1 - Collection


AWS Greengrass


AWS Direct Connect

AWS Snowball and AWS Snowmobile

AWS Database Migration Service

Domain 2 - Storage

Amazon S3

Amazon DynamoDB

Domain 3 - Processing

Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR)

Amazon Machine Learning (AML)

Amazon SageMaker


AWS Data Pipeline

AWS Glue

Essential Big Data Tools and Concepts

Domain 4 - Analysis




Kinesis Analytics

Domain 5 - Visualization


Data Visualization Tools

Domain 6 - Security




Course Conclusion

Final Steps


Big data technologies are some of the most exciting and in-demand skills. These tools power large companies such as Google and Facebook and it is no wonder AWS is spending more time and resources developing certifications, and new services to catalyze the move to AWS big data solutions.

This course will provide you with much of the required knowledge needed to be prepared to take the AWS Big Data Specialty Certification. We will cover the different AWS (and non-AWS!) products and services that appear on the exam. Importantly - we will not cover material you should already have a solid understanding of such as AWS Identity and Access Management, and global infrastructure. For those foundational concepts, definitely review the AWS Certified Developer - Associate Level course here on Linux Academy.

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Study Guides

Whitepaper - Use Amazon Elasticsearch Service to Log and Monitor (Almost) Everything

Use Amazon Elasticsearch Service to Log and Monitor (Almost) Everything

Whitepaper - Streaming Data Solutions on AWS with Amazon Kinesis

Whitepaper - Best Practices for Migrating from RDBMS to Amazon DynamoDB

Whitepaper - Lamdba Architecture for Batch and Stream Processing

Whitepaper - Getting Started with Amazon Aurora

Whitepaper - Database Caching Strategies Using Redis

Whitepaper - Data Warehousing on AWS

The Data Dispatch

Whitepaper - Big Data Analytics Options on AWS


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