Ansible and Amazon Web Services

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Terrence Cox
A veteran of twenty years in Information Technology in a variety of roles. He has worked in development, security and infrastructure well before they merged into what we now call DevOps. He provides training in Linux, VMWare, DevOps (Ansible, Jenkins, etc) as well as containers and AWS topics.


Installation and Configuration

Using Ansible with AWS Resources

Use Cases

Course Conclusion

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Throughout this course, we will learn how to use the power of Ansible to automate application deployments in Amazon Web Services. The capabilities that AWS offers can enable us to dynamically provision workloads in the cloud. We will learn how to use Ansible to help us control cloud deployments, create DevOps workloads and secure them in AWS. Ansible enables full orchestration within AWS for a complete DevOps workflow solution.

Study Guides

Introduction to Ansible

Slides from the course introducing Ansible

Introduction to YAML

Slides from the course introducing YAML

Ansible vs. Other Tools

Slides from the course comparing Ansible and other DevOps orchestration and management tools.

Ansible and AWS Playbook Samples

Most of the playbooks we created during the course are included in this file.

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