Advanced AWS Security

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Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith has spent nearly a decade helping students to understand, use and excel with modern cloud computing technologies, including Linux, OpenStack, Microsoft Azure, Docker, Vagrant and more. A member of the OpenStack Foundation, he's created hundreds of hours of hands-on, student-focused training courses, laboratories and guides, and is a regular speaker, sponsor and attendee of major tech conferences. As Chief Content Officer for Linux Academy and Cloud Assessments, he now mentors the ever-growing content production staff, ensuring that every lesson, exercise and asset produced uses the best possible methodologies and pedagogy for student success.


Advanced AWS Security walks you through the basics of AWS security models.  We then talk about Network Security as it realtes to securing a VPC and then move into more of the advanced topics such as IDS/IPS and Web Application Firewalls.

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Python Script for Incremental Migration

This is the sample script used in the "Migrating a Repository (in increments) into CodeCommit" lesson.

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