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Every member has access to over 600 hours of in-depth video content, labs, challenges and hands-on training containing all the information you need to become a Linux or cloud professional — and we're still adding more training every week!

We provide the most in-depth Linux and cloud courses available, and you can watch every single minute or skip around and train at your own pace. We cover new tools and tech as they are released instead of lagging months behind like books and other training.

Regardless of your experience level, you will always have a clear path for career growth because we teach everything from the fundamentals to senior-level techniques in one place.

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Tutorials can’t teach real engineering, so we built better training tools

Learn to think critically about technology and recognize systemic issues instead of only following step-by-step instructions.

Build a foundation of knowledge about related technology and tools, and then practice your techniques on real servers.

Our challenges platform will monitor your actions on those servers and evaluate whether you’re capable of doing real engineering work.

We believe that helping you pass your certification exam is the bare minimum, so we made advanced training tools that equip you to succeed on the job.

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Our full-time instructors are active in our member community and IRC answering questions and giving advice.

We’ve helped thousands earn their certifications, and we’ll help you do the same. Our mission isn’t just to teach you new skills, but to help you meet your career goals.

For 5 years we’ve been helping engineers pass their certification exams

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