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506 Video Lessons Available With Notes, Quizzes, Labs and Access To Your Own Server!

Once you activate your membership, you will be able to build your own server to use when following along with our lessons. Gain the experience first hand as you review and practice to master the concepts for your Linux certification. All of our courses are self-paced, so work at your convenience and at a speed that is comfortable for you.

Certificates Of Completion

If you complete and pass an entire course module, you will be issued a certificate of completion by The Linux Academy. This certificate is available to download and for you to use as you wish. Feel like the task is too big? Don't worry, our instructors are available for you to ask as many questions as you need during your learning process. We are here to instruct, lead and mentor you along your way to learning Linux or Amazon Web Services.

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Core Features

Unlimited Access To ALL Courses!

Our courses are straight to the point in order to help you learn Linux and Amazon Web Services as quickly and efficiently as possible.
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Your Own REAL Linux Server

Our practice exercises can be completed on a real lab server that is provided as part of your subscription. You have the ability to rebuild your server whenever you like and switch between 1 of 9 Linux distributions. Mess up? No problem! It only takes 30 seconds to rebuild!

Self-paced Linux & AWS Hands-on Labs

These advanced lab scenarios will put you in the middle of tasks that you may run into every day in a Linux environment. You will work in our full Linux or Amazon Web Services environment while completing these labs from beginning to end. Learn how to install, configure and troubleshoot complex environments and application setups. Find Out More

Help From The Instructors

As a member of the Linux Academy you'll have access to ask our instructors anything course related. If you have trouble understanding concepts, need clearer explanation, or are seeking career advice, our instructors are available to you.

Notes and Study Guides

Our courses come with detailed study guides and notes that you can download and refer to throughout the courses. You also have the ability to take your own notes online as you follow along.

Practice Exams and Exercises

Follow our practice exercises on your Linux Academy provided private server or quiz your knowledge by taking our practice exams. We have a collection of 951 questions so that you clearly understand the concepts covered.


Join your fellow students in the Linux Academy Community. See how others have fared on their exams, get advice and interact with like minded subscribers.

Downloadable Lesson MP3s

Need to study a lesson on the go? You have the ability to download a MP3 of course lectures to help you study while on the move.

   Lamar McMiller

The Linux Academy is awesome! And priced in a way that money is not a barrier to entry, so kudos to you all for that. Thats been a major barrier for me in my certification pursuits.

   Amen Moja Ra

The Linux Academy is providing a lot of valuable help to professional web developers like me. I could not grow without people like you. Your setup makes it more straight forward for me to learn the Linux stack.

   Elliott Abraham

Thank you so very much for this very valuable, real world applicable training opportunity. Linux Academy will really prepare you for real world linux work including Amazon Web Services configuration. This AWS tutorial helped me immensely with a dire need that I had to support a client of mine. Thank you so much LinuxAcademy.