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Self-Paced Courses

With 2,453 videos, obtain experience you need as you learn and practice on your lab servers, provided by the Linux Academy, to master the concepts. All of our courses are self-paced, so work at your convenience, at a speed that is comfortable for you. Also, use the learning plans feature to set up a timeline with reminders!

Scenario Based Labs

At the Linux Academy, in addition to your six lab servers, you will receive access to our scenario based labs that put you in the middle of tasks common to an everyday environment. You will work in our advanced lab environments while completing these scenarios from beginning to end. These labs are on live servers!

Instructor Mentoring

As a member of the Linux Academy, you'll have the ability to ask our instructors about anything course related. If you have trouble understanding concepts, need clearer explanations, or are seeking career advice, our instructors are available to you.

Graded Server Exercises

Get your work evaluated while connected to a real server. Our courses include exercises, where you log into a lab server and perform specific tasks. Linux Academy automatically grades your actions, so you can see how well you did. Graded Exercises are included in all Linux Academy memberships.

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See how others have fared on their exams, get advice, and interact with like-minded members.
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"I want to thank Anthony and everyone else at Linux Academy for the incredible AWS training material found here…I am happy to announce that I was offered a position with AWS Professional Services and will begin next week."

Joe Seeley

“You guys are great! The quality and relevancy of your courses are are honestly well beyond more expensive traditional training options. Support is quick and responsive and the member community is active and vibrant. I couldn't be happier. Hands down the best ROI for my training budget.”

Curtis Rissi

"I started out with another online AWS training website and felt like their courses were not complete when it came to the AWS SysOps Administrator test. Linux Academy's SysOps course is very detailed. I sat down and followed my custom lesson plan to the letter. When all was said and done I passed the AWS SysOps Administrator - Associate Level test thanks to Linux Academy.”

Patrick Pierson

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